Jaguar to integrate Jedlix smart charging in I-Pace


Jaguar now cooperates with the Dutch smart-charging specialist Jedlix to integrate the latter’s application into the infotainment system of the Jaguar I-Pace from early 2020. Jedlix helps to optimise charging processes.

This includes the use of renewable energies and the avoidance of peak loads, thus helping to balance the grid. On the electric car drivers’ side, I-Pace owners may set departure time and peak/off-peak tariffs.

Jedlix also points out, its partners such as Eneco, Engie, or Tennet reward Jedlix for smart charging and that these revenues received are shared with the users of the app.

Niels Burgman, General Manager Electric Vehicles Jaguar Land Rover Benelux, is “enthusiastic because thousands of I-Pace drivers will get access to this service on short term.” He also promised quick adaptations and improvements once the service is operational early next year.

For now, the offer is exclusive to the Netherlands in case of Jaguar. Jedlix however, is also working with BMW or Tesla. More so, the Eneco subsidiary is to 25% owned by Renault since 2017 as reported. Together the two companies recently successfully concluded a trial in which a Zoe electric car balanced the Dutch grid.


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