Jedlix & wall box maker Easee team up for smarter charging

The smart-charging specialist Jedlix announces a new deal with the Norwegian wall box manufacturer Easee. Owners of an Easee charger can now connect to Jedlix’s platform and apps and thus charge their electric cars when prices are lower and with power coming from renewables.

The charging settings entered by the EV driver and the vehicle data fed into the Jedlix platform result in an optimal charging schedule that is executed via the Easee API. Any remaining charging flexibility is integrated into Jedlix’ Virtual Power Plant, the companies explain.

The partnership will affect users in the countries where both companies are already active, namely Norway, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, the UK and Switzerland.

While Easee mentions a “Charging Robot” solution in the press briefing, suggesting a real robot, the solution essentially only distributes the load internally when multiple wall boxes use one fuse. It is expected that in connection with Jedlix, charge management will become even more precise.

The Dutch company helps to optimise the charging process and has some significant customers to show. The most recent addition is Jaguar that uses Jedlix services in the infotainment system of the I-Pace electric car reportedly. Now a subsidiary of Eneco, Jedlix is also owned by Renault since 2017 to 25 per cent as reported. The two companies had concluded a trial in 2019 in which a Zoe electric car balanced the Dutch grid.

Easee claims to be among Norway’s fastest-growing startups and also addresses the B2B market. The Jedlix service will be available for both Easee partners and retailers. Easee adds that utilities or other resellers may also create a branded smart charging with the app and corresponding virtual power plant with the support of the Jedlix smart charging platform.,


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