Ford & AVL UK to examine FCEV Transit viability

Ford and powertrain testing specialist AVL UK have teamed up to build a functional Transit FCEV prototype, which will be used to research the suitability of hydrogen powertrains in the commercial vehicle sector.

The two partners aim to analyze both the technical viability of converting the transporter to a fuel cell drive, as well as the examine the supply chain challenges in setting up production for a series of the vehicles. “This project is a step to deeper insights into the commercial viability of fuel-cell systems for possible wider deployment and also gaining further understanding of customer usage challenges for route‐to‐market,” the initiators wrote.

Furthermore, the partners aim to analyze a series of different customer use-cases. “Other key areas the project will explore includes analysing the benefits of FCEV systems, including range, fast refilling and payload capacities, compared with BEV for high-payload usage in the light-duty commercial vehicle sector.”

“This exciting collaboration between Ford Motor Company and AVL Powertrain UK will not only deliver a FC demonstrator vehicle but will also provide a simulation platform for the development of such systems going forward,” said Dr. Bernadette Longridge, Engineering Centre Manager at AVL. “This project represents a further step in showcasing AVL Powertrain UK’s skills, whilst also providing an opportunity to further develop our UK capability and leverage AVL’s global network of skills and expertise. This is a collaborative project at its best.”

The project comes just ahead of the new Transit BEV, which will go on sale in the UK in spring 2022.,


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