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Audi’s brake booster causes e-tron recall


Audi is recalling 2,303 units of its e-tron electric model worldwide due to problems with the brake booster. The brake booster, ABS and ESP may fail. In Germany, 336 vehicles are likely to be affected, and 38 in the USA.

Unlike the series of recalls that recently have been caused by batteries, affecting vehicles around the globe from numerous manufacturers, the fault here was due to mismanufactured parts within the brake booster. Audi issued a statement explaining that wafers for the flexray transceiver, a part within the electromechanical brake booster, were not properly cleaned by its supplier. As a result, they could corrode, leading to short-circuits or interruptions within the component.

This follows a partial recall a few weeks ago, where software problems had plagued the e-tron.,, (worldwide numbers, in German)


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Orly Refaeli
08.02.2023 um 22:13
It has happened to me in Israel I broke 2 wall’s because of breaking failure!!!

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