Tesla breaks production and delivery records in Q3

Between July and September, Tesla built a total of 237,823  electric cars. A total of 241,300 units were delivered in the same period.

As in the first two quarters of the current year, the Model 3 and Model Y were primarily responsible for the jump in production and delivery figures. Since the second quarter, Model S and Model X have also been produced again, but only in negligible numbers compared to the other two models.

In its latest report on the third quarter, Tesla lists only 8,941 Model S/Xs built and 9,275 delivered. The Californian company does not usually break down the individual models, but rather combine the two large model series and the two smaller models, the 3 and the Y. Since the revised Model X has apparently not yet been delivered, the figures mentioned are likely to be largely for the Model S.

But even the volume models 3/Y on their own would have been enough for new records in production and deliveries: 228,882 units were built, 232,025 were handed over to customers.

The 241,300 deliveries in Q3/2021 represent an increase of 73.2 per cent compared to the same quarter last year (139,300 deliveries in Q3/2020). While 145,036 Tesla electric cars were produced in the third quarter of last year, the figure for the third quarter of 2021 was 237,823 – an increase of 64 per cent.

Looking at 2021 as a whole, Tesla delivered a total of 632,521 electric cars from the beginning of January to the end of September. Compared to the same period last year (318,350 deliveries), this is an increase of 98.7 per cent. During the same period this year, a total of 619,411 electric cars were produced – an increase of 87.7 per cent compared to the same period last year (329,980).

Tesla said that their delivery count should be considered somewhat conservative as they only count a car as delivered when it is handed over to the customer and all paperwork is correct. Apparently, the final numbers may differ by up to 0.5% or more.

Tesla will soon release its third-quarter financial report. Most recently, Tesla attracted attention for the second quarter with a jump in profits.

Reporting by Daniel Bönnighausen



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