Oct 6, 2021 - 11:31 pm

Mahle presents LEV battery concept

Mahle has presented a new lithium carbon battery concept that combines the advantages of supercapacitors and conventional lithium ion batteries. The concept should enable ultra-fast charging of light light electric vehicles (LEVs) in under 90 seconds, for example for urban distribution transport.

According to Mahle, the battery conceived for two and three-wheelers as well as light four-wheeled vehicles is also particularly sustainable as it does not require any rare raw materials and is fully recyclable. In addition, such a battery should have a high power density and not be prone to thermal runaway.

The battery concept is not yet a product ready for series production but gives an insight into the state of research that Mahle Powertrain provided at the Aachen Colloquium Sustainable Mobility.

“The mobility transformation is accelerating every day, and we are helping to advance climate-friendly technologies,” says Dr Martin Berger, Vice President Corporate Research and Advanced Engineering at Mahle. “Mahle’s portfolio today is as varied as the future mobility requirements. With the topics we’re presenting in Aachen, we’re once again demonstrating that we are targeting those areas where zero-carbon mobility needs good ideas.”

In addition to the battery concept, Mahle presented an integrated thermal management system for battery-electric vehicles in Aachen. With this, the supplier wants to increase efficiency at system level by integrating engine, electronics and battery temperature control into the overall system – this should also reduce costs.

Mahle is quietly taking both a large-scale and diverse approach to supplying the transport industry, well prepared for both the explosive interest in both light electric vehicles as well as hydrogen fuel cell technology.

At the IAA Mobility at the beginning of September, Mahle also presented a new type of battery cooling system which, according to the company, should enable faster charging of electric cars. Charging infrastructure is also high on the list of Mahle’s focus.



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