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Coldplay fans give BMW batteries a second life


BMW found a new use for end-of-life electric car batteries and wants to re-energise the entertainment industry. The German carmaker has also already found a partner in Coldplay. 

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In a new project, over 40 batteries from former i3 electric vehicles shall provide electricity to live performances of the British rock band and replace diesel and gasoline generators when Coldplay goes on tour.

Moreover, BMW not only wants to reuse recycled EV batteries but also charges them from renewable energy sources, however of a unique kind. While solar installations and generators powered by Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil are straightforward enough, other ideas include a kinetic stadium floor and power bikes, meaning the fans will directly energise the batteries through movement.

BMW hopes this will set new benchmarks and become “the blueprint for the entire live industry.”

For a start, 40 batteries from i3 electric cars will serve on Coldplay’s upcoming world tour, making it one of the greenest tours in music history, so BMW.

Update Coldplay-BMW 30 May 2023

Following the above announcement, BMW has delivered. More than 40 recycled i3 batteries with a combined capacity of 1,680 kWh are currently powering Coldplay’s world tour. Replacing diesel generators, the batteries provide power for sound and video systems, lighting and special effects during the concerts.

Last week, four corresponding concerts already took place in Barcelona. In addition to the batteries, Coldplay and BMW also use photovoltaic modules, kinetic floors and electric bicycles to get a literal fan boost during the tour.

This is also not the first cooperation between Coldplay and BMW. The band appeared in a virtual show at the IAA in 2022, and its “Higher Power” track provided the soundtrack for the BMW i4 advert, including the line “This joy is electric”.,, (both update May ’23)


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