USA awards $199 million for zero-emission trucking and EV charging projects


The US Department of Energy (DOE) has awarded $199 million to fund 25 projects aimed at putting cleaner cars and trucks on America’s roads. This includes long-haul trucks powered by batteries and fuel cells and improving EV charging infrastructure in projects across the USA.

The initiative that was just presented in New York by Vice President Kamala Harris and US Secretary of Energy Jennifer M. Granholm will see 25 research, development, and demonstration projects.

“As America’s solutions department, DOE is working with manufacturers and industry partners to reimagine vehicle transportation across the country to achieve our climate goals—from lowering carbon emissions to increasing efficiency and affordability,” said Secretary Granholm.

This includes $127 million of funding for five heavy vehicle manufacturers to pioneer electrified medium- and heavy-duty trucks and freight system concepts via the SuperTruck 3 initiative. As part of this initiative, grants have been awarded to Paccar incl for both purely battery-electric and fuel cell trucks, Volvo Group North America for a long-range battery-electric tractor-trailer and megawatt charger, while Daimler Trucks North America, Ford, and General Motors will all be undertaking hydrogen fuel cell truck projects.

The remaining  $71 million of federal funding from the DOE has been put into the Low Greenhouse Gas (GHG) funding opportunity that will invest in 20 research, development, and demonstration projects. These should further the creation of solutions to reducing emissions for on- and off-road vehicles and accelerating the expansion of EV infrastructure and charging and are aimed at collaborations with industry, academia, and non-profits including Clean Cities Coalitions.

These include EV charging projects such as installing charge stations within multi-unit housing, the hosting of community-led demonstrations that address barriers to EV adoption and efforts aimed at lowering costs for direct current (DC) fast charging equipment.

The DOE has published a complete list of these projects here, while more information is available on the DOE’s Vehicle Technologies and Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies as part of the SuperTruck 3 initiative.



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