Volkswagen introduces the ID.5 and ID.5 GTX


Volkswagen has presented the coupé version of its ID.4 electric SUV. The ID.5 comes with rear and all-wheel drive, but exclusively with the large 77 kWh battery. Thanks to the more aerodynamic roof design, the range has increased somewhat.

There are no surprises with the aesthetics of the ID.5. Up to the B-pillar, the SUV coupé corresponds to the familiar ID.4, and the design of the rear could already be guessed from the numerous prototypes and concepts. Most recently, VW showed a near-production version of the ID.5 GTX with only minimal camouflage at the IAA.

What is new, however, are some figures, including those on the powertrain. To begin, let’s take a quick look at the body: the ID.5 is the same as the ID.4 in length (4.58 metres), wheelbase (2.77 metres) and width (1.85 metres), but at 1.61 metres the SUV coupé is three centimetres flatter. Together with the more aerodynamic rear end, this results in a cW value of 0.26 instead of 0.28 for the ID.4 – for the GTX version it is 0.27 instead of 0.29. The boot holds 549 litres.

The ID.5 is offered exclusively with the ‘Pro’ battery, i.e. with 77 kWh net. VW has made no mention of the smaller 52 kWh battery of the ID.4 in its most recent press release. VW combines the large battery in the ID.5 with the familiar 150 kW engine in the rear (sales designation Pro Performance) and, as an all-wheel-drive vehicle, with an additional asynchronous engine on the front axle. As in the ID.4, the ID.5 GTX also has a system output of 225 kW.

“The electronic Vehicle Dynamics Manager is a groundbreaking development by Volkswagen,” says Thomas Ulbrich, Brand Board Member for Technical Development. “We have networked it with other important control systems, and it is also integrated with the all-wheel control function. This brings an entirely new level of sporty driving pleasure, traction and driving safety.”

New in the ID.5 is the ‘Pro’ drive version. Here, the PSM on the rear axle produces 128 kW. This should enable acceleration to 100 km/h in 10.4 seconds, the more powerful ‘Pro Performance’ is specified with 8.4 seconds. Both versions have a maximum speed of 160 km/h, only the GTX is allowed to reach 180 km/h. With 6.3 seconds, the all-wheel-drive model also accelerates faster to 100 km/h.

There is also an innovation in DC charging: The charging power does not increase to 170 kW as rumoured, even if prototypes were photographed at charging stations with 169 kW on the display. VW has confirmed a maximum output of 135 kW instead of 125 kW. Almost more importantly, the charging curve is to be flatter, meaning that the power does not drop so much as the charge level rises. In total, the charging process from five to 80 per cent will take 29 minutes instead of 38 minutes. According to WLTP figures, this would correspond to a recharged range of up to 390 kilometres.

The AC charger with 11 kW will remain unchanged. At a later date, VW plans to introduce bidirectional charging in the ID.5, as stated by the sales executive in the live stream at the unveiling of the ID.5. There are no details on the functionalities and timetables yet and VW has already announced that it wants to get into bidirectional charging.

Incidentally, VW has only adjusted the range specification for the GTX: While the ID.4 GTX is stated as having a range of up to 480 kilometres, the ID.5 GTX has a range of 490 kilometres. As with the ID.4, the range of the ‘Pro Performance’ is 520 kilometres.

In addition, the ID.5 comes with the new ID.3.0 software, which will be installed on existing vehicles via an OTA update. Among other things, this should improve the voice-control and, above all, make it faster. The update also includes other functions: Travel Assist is now capable of assisted lane changes. The Park Assistant Plus has a memory function. This means that the ID.5 can always park in the same position in the garage at home after a single teach-in.

VW has not yet announced prices for the ID.5 and ID.5 GTX, which will follow at the start of pre-sales at the end of November. Deliveries of the SUV coupé built in Zwickau are scheduled to start in spring 2022.


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