StoreDot awarded battery preservation patent


Israeli battery developer StoreDot has been awarded a patent for a digital battery system that will enable electric car owners to access a constant range throughout the life of their vehicle. StoreDot says this is achieved through a combination of patented software and cell chemistry management.

The digital battery system controls both the charging voltages and StoreDot’s silicon-based XFC cell chemistry to put less strain on the battery at the beginning of its life and balance performance over the life of the battery. Furthermore, the company announced that the technology will be open-source, “available to any other technology provider”.

Behind the idea to maintain a battery capacity at the same level throughout its lifetime is a ‘digital battery’ approach, achieved through a combination of patented software and cell chemistry management. The company states that this gives an EV owner a fixed battery driving range for the duration of its useful service life. The system manages both charging voltages and StoreDot’s XFC silicon-based cell chemistry in order to put less stress on the battery at the start of its life, in order to balance performance across the battery’s life to provide more consistent range.

” We want to make it more attractive for consumers to adopt zero-emissions electric vehicles. This new patent, which we will make available to any organization as open-source, is another great example of that commitment,” says Dr Doron Myersdorf, StoreDot CEO, adding: “Battery degradation is one of the main bugbears of long-term EV ownership and it’s essential that we all do everything we can to promote the mass adoption of EVs, on our critical path to live in a cleaner world.”

StoreDot also recently filed a patent in charging technology, in order to cut down on charging time with a “booster” function. The idea here is to allow the battery to analyze charging station performance in real-time and adjust the battery to accommodate higher currents if so provided by the charge column. The company also recently plans to open a research and development centre for solid-state battery technology in the USA and has taken on working with Tesla’s preferred 4680 cylindrical cell format.


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