Nov 16, 2021 - 11:53 am

Toyota targets children to sell hybrids

Toyota is known to be very much in favour of hybrid and fuel cell drives and rather little in favour of battery electric vehicles. Now a report has detailed how Toyota (and other Japanese manufacturers) are imposing these views on children via brochures in schools.

While Japan has announced plans to ban the sale of new internal combustion engines by 2030, Toyota still has very different plans. The costs to switch to a new production model, particularly following Toyota’s previous, expensive, misadventures with electric vehicles seem quite high. However, the report has also revealed that Toyota’s profit model is already shaky as: “It is well-known in the Japanese car industry that their record profit business model is based on the sweat and tears of hundreds of small underpaid parts manufacturers in the country”.

Following a spat with the JAMA (Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association), which is headed by M. Toyoda himself, the government retracted their plans and took out it’s teeth, now aiming for a “mix of gasoline/hybrids, EV, and fuel cell vehicles by 2035”. This, however, was still not enough for Toyota and JAMA, who are now launching a disinformation campaign with exclusive heavy promotion of hybrid vehicles as the final environmental puzzle piece. To add insult to injury, this comes just as Japan received the “fossil of the day” award at COP26, thanks to their ongoing coal power generation, which still has no exit date.,


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