Nissan to install over 600 charge points in Europe

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Nissan is going to significantly expand the charging infrastructure at its dealerships in Europe through two major collaborations. Allego will install DC chargers at Nissan dealers in 16 countries. In Germany and the United Kingdom, Nissan dealers will build infrastructure with E.ON.

According to Nissan, 70 per cent of the partner companies of dealers and workshops will be getting combined CCS and CHAdeMO charging stations by 2024. For this purpose, the two cooperations have been concluded to build up the infrastructure across 18 countries in the UK and Europe.

Allego says that this “long-term partnership” includes not only the construction of the charging infrastructure, but also its operation and maintenance, although the maintenance contract is initially set for five years.

Allego says it will be expanding and managing the DC charging network at dealerships over 600 locations across the 16 countries. This will include Nissan’s partners in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

The exception to the European partners is in Germany where the carmaker continues to sell its vehicles through its own Nissan Center Europe. In both Germany and the UK, new charging stations will be the responsibility of E.ON.

Generally, the charging stations installed and operated by both E.ON and Allego will be DC charging points with 50 kW and 24 kW. Here, the E.ON cooperation includes the important addition that Alpitronic Hyperchargers with up to 150 kW charging capacity will also be installed at the dealers as an option.

The greater charging capacity of 150 kW is important to Nissan, of course, because the upcoming Ariya e-SUV will support DC charging power of up to 130 kW. At the dealer charging points in the 16 other countries, this means that his electric car will therefore have to charge for significantly longer.

A distribution between CCS and CHAdeMO charging points was to be expected since the Nissan Leaf still uses the CHAdeMO standard. Nissan will only switch to the CCS standard in Europe with the upcoming Ariya e-SUV based on the CMF-EV platform. The announced Townstar van will also use CCS, unlike its predecessor, the e-NV200.

Nissan is making the charging points open for all electric vehicle drivers, irrespective of their vehicle’s make and charging capacity, meaning that the new charging points will not be only exclusively open to Nissan customers. The charging points will be connected to roaming services via Hubject and can thus be used with four different charging services. Direct payment by credit card or QR_Code will also be possible. The charging prices will be determined by the individual dealers and Nissan customers will receive special conditions via the Nissan Charge App.

“Since launching the world’s first mass-market electric vehicle in 2010, the Leaf, Nissan has continuously strived to make the benefits of electric mobility accessible to drivers every day,” said Jean-Philippe Roux, Deputy Vice President, Network Development & Customer Quality, Nissan Amio. “As we push forwards into a new chapter for Nissan’s all-electric vehicle line-up with the innovative Ariya coupe crossover and versatile, fully electric Townstar light commercial vehicle, our comprehensive charging infrastructure expansion plan in partnership with Allego is further evidence of our continued commitment to electric mobility,” he explained.

Earlier this week, Nissan revealed that it had made its eMobility strategy more concrete. Now, a total of 15 battery-electric models are to be launched by 2030, and several billion dollars will also be invested in development – a small series with solid-state batteries is to be sold in 2026.

Including reporting from Sebastian Schaal, Germany.


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