Walmart Costa Rica receives 29 BYD Yuan Pro EV cars

In in Costa Rica, the Chinese automaker BYD has just delivered 29 Yuan Pro EV electric cars (locally called S1 Pro EV) to Walmart (Walmart de México y Centroamérica). 

BYD says that this is the biggest New Energy Vehicle (EVs) fleet in the country and that Walmart will purchase more Yuan Pro EVs in 2022. BYD has not been more specific about intended numbers either from Walmart in Costa Rica or for BYD electric vehicle orders for Costa Rica overall.

Richard Vargas, CAM Biformat Operations Director of Walmart, said, “Walmart aims to achieve zero emissions in all its operations globally by 2040 (…) 47.6% of our fleet of light vehicles will be electric for next year..”

In November just passed, BYD announced it was planning to raise the equivalent of around 1.53 billion euros in fresh capital by issuing 50 million new shares on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The Group also said it would be expanding sales of its Han electric sedan to a number of countries in Latin America and the Caribbean and that the first examples of the electric car had just arrived in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Uruguay, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica and the Bahamas.

With the superlative announcement that the delivery of the Yuan Pro EVs represents the largest order for electric vehicles in Costa Rica to date, we can also, therefore, assume that less than 29 of BYD’s Han electric cars were delivered earlier this year.

The Yuan EV in other variants uses BYD’s blade battery but the Yuan Pro EV variant was not specifically mentioned on the BYD website. According to that the Yuan Pro is the entry-level version Yuan EV and has a 301km NEDC range thanks to a 38.9kWh battery.


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