BYD reveals additional ‘Blade Battery’ specifications


BYD has provided new details on its ‘Blade Battery’ for electric cars. In addition to the safety advantages, which were the focus of last year’s presentation, the service life is the most striking feature of the new announcement: BYD mentions 1.2 million kilometres or 3,000 charging cycles.

How exactly BYD arrives at the 1.2 million kilometres mentioned is not clear from the company’s announcement. Although the 3,000 charge-discharge cycles are mentioned there, these were not directly extrapolated with the NEDC range of the BYD Tang EV known so far. The electric SUV, which is also sold in Norway, has an NEDC range of 505 kilometres.

In addition, there is now also information on the charging power, which the Chinese company had not mentioned when announcing the new model year for Norway. The Tang EV is supposed to be able to charge from 30 to 80 per cent in 30 minutes – with up to 110 kW direct current. It is more usual to state 0 to 80 per cent or 10 to 80 per cent – so the 30 minutes here are not directly comparable to the specifications of other manufacturers, as it is only a charging stroke of 50 per cent.

For the new model year 2021, the battery capacity has been increased from 82.8 to 86.4 kWh. In addition, the model presented earlier this month is now available as a seven-seater – at the request of customers, as it was said at the time. In the current press release, however, BYD says they are convinced that the new ‘Blade Battery’ will be “a compelling motive for customers buying 2021 models”.

In the announcement, the Chinese company reiterated the security features of the ‘blade battery’ LFP batteries announced a year ago, which are supposed to be particularly secure even in penetration or fire tests. In addition, the space required for the battery installation is said to be 50 per cent smaller than for a comparable NMC cell.

According to BYD, production of the vehicles for Norway, which will also have a revised interior, will start in the second quarter. The first cars are expected to be on Norwegian roads “in late summer”.


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Aldrin Rey
16.07.2021 um 08:14
How much the BYD and can tou deliver in the phillipines?

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