Dec 21, 2021 - 01:59 pm

Lufthansa LEOS receives electric aircraft tug tractor

Goldhofer has delivered the first customer vehicle of the towbar-less electric aircraft tractor Phoenix E to Lufthansa LEOS in Frankfurt. The model was tested at Munich Airport, among other places.

The Phoenix E has been in use in Munich since January 2021, and further tests took place in Vienna, Zurich and Los Angeles, according to Goldhofer. Now the first customer vehicle has been built at the Memmingen site and delivered to Lufthansa LEOS at Frankfurt Airport.

The Phoenix series are towbarless aircraft tractors that embrace and lift the nose wheel of the aircraft – the assembly and disassembly of the towbar for each towing operation is not required here.

Like its conventionally powered sister models, the Phoenix E can move aircraft up to a take-off weight of 352 tonnes, including wide-body jets. As Goldhofer writes, it should “even be usable for maintenance tow at up to 32 km/h due to its performance”.

The batteries are supplied by Akasol, while the technology Goldhofer calls ‘IonMaster’ operates at 700 volts. Customers can choose the appropriate size for their application from the modular battery system. The thermal management allows “very short charging times” as well as fast and intermediate charging at all common charging points, both AC and DC, with up to 150 kW.

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