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Mercedes PHEVs could have faulty charging cable


Mercedes must recall 1,788 plug-in hybrid cars, namely versions of the Mercedes C-Class, the S-Class, the GLC and the EQS electric model. This is because faulty charging cables could lead to electric shock or vehicle fire in the affected cars produced in 2020 and 2021. The German KBA will notify owners individually, and Mercedes will replace charging cables if necessary.

In Germany, the potential fault affects 664 vehicles. The problem, however, is not the wiring inside the cars but with the charging cable that came with the cars. The entry in KBA’s recall database does not show whether this is the ICCB charging cable for the household socket or the Type 2 charging cable for public charging stations. Mercedes plug-in hybrids come with the ICCB charging cable ex-works, while the Type 2 cable can be ordered free of charge. In the EQS, on the other hand, delivery only includes the Type 2 cable; the charging cable for the household socket costs 285.60 euros extra.

Workshops will check and, if required, replace the affected vehicles’ charging cable. Owners will be informed in writing. It is unknown whether the potentially faulty cables have caused personal injury or damage to property.

With reporting by Sebastian Schaal, Germany., (Reference 011375)


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