Qualiconsult to get charged by Renault’s Mobilize

Qualiconsult, a Paris-based service provider in the construction industry, has commissioned the Renault charging service Mobilize Power Solutions to install charging points at all its branches in the medium term. Qualiconsult currently adding electric vehicles to its fleet of nearly 2,000 vehicles in several steps.

Qualiconsult says that after the first 25 plug-in hybrid vehicles had proven their worth, the number of electrified vehicles has continued to grow. The French Mobility Act prescribes a quota of ten per cent of hybrid and battery-powered electric vehicles in the fleet, but Qualiconsult has not yet specified a fixed target for the expansion of the electric fleet.

Mobilize Power Solutions supported Qualiconsult right from the start with the needs analysis by determining, among other things, the number of charging points required and their charging capacity, as well as the costs involved. Here, Qualiconsult not only wants to charge its own company and pool vehicles at the more than 260 branches worldwide but also make it possible for employees with their own electric cars to charge their cars at their workplace. In total, the company employs over 2,500 people.

“We wanted to reduce our carbon footprint, introduce greener vehicles into our fleet and ensure we would be compliant with the French Mobility Act.” Vincent Leroux, Head of Procurement and Logistics at Qualiconsult. “Mobilize Power Solutions fully met our requirements – both in terms of infrastructure and in supporting employees with specific solutions.”

Qualiconsult has access to the data of the entire charging network and can thus overview the utilisation and charging capacity throughout France. This should also make management easier when, for example, company vehicles are used for journeys between branches – and therefore charge at more than one location.

Announced in early 2021, the mobility brand presented its business range in the summer. This involves some electric vehicles that are being developed specifically for Shared Mobility. Around the same time, the charging service Elexent, which was only founded in 2020, was also renamed Mobilize Power Solutions and complements the Mobilize range with its customised charging solutions for fleet customers.



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