Einride orders 200 electric trucks from BYD

The Swedish technology company Einride has ordered 200 8TT electric trucks from BYD for use in the USA. The vehicles will be assembled in Lancaster, California, and are to be delivered successively in the coming months.

According to BYD, the order is the largest of its kind outside of Asia, with the first vehicles to be delivered this month. With the move, Einride is expanding its global electric vehicle fleet. BYD’s electric trucks will also use Einride’s Saga technology platform to optimize transport routes.

According to BYD, the majority of the vehicles are BYD’s 3rd generation extended-range 8TTs, with cabs designed by Wolfgang Josef Egger, former Audi chief designer. The vehicles are equipped with 563 kWh lithium iron phosphate batteries. They have a charging capacity of up to 185 kW. The range of the 8TT is 200 miles (about 320 kilometres) per charge, according to the company. Its range of use is in short- and long-haul freight transportation and distribution.

Einride is looking to expand its operations in the U.S., and the order is followed by hopes to raise awareness of the platform. “This historic order will give customers an up-close look at Einride’s industry-transforming intelligent operating system and our safe and reliable zero-emission battery electric trucks,” explained Patrick Duan, senior vice president, BYD North America. Niklas Reinedahl, General Manager North America at Einride, says, “BYD Class 8 electric trucks showcase a strong combination of cutting-edge high tech and durability providing customers with the performance they desire while setting a new gold standard for driver comfort and safety.”

Einride ordered 120 eActros electric trucks from Daimler Truck in December 2021 to be deployed to customers in European markets. Specifically, the vehicles are the eActros 300 and eActros 400 models with three and four battery packs, respectively. The manufacturer did not disclose how many units of which model will be delivered to Einride. Instead, the Stuttgart-based company mentioned that the cooperation with the Swedish startup is to be expanded beyond the current supply agreement to include the “development of joint solutions for the new era of electrified road freight transport.”

Einride is best known to us as the developer of the T-Pod autonomous electric truck, whose futuristic design doesn’t even have a cab anymore. But the Swedish startup, founded in 2016, has built other footholds with digital fleet services and third-party vehicle procurement, and now describes itself as a “freight technology company offering digital, electric and autonomous transport.”



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