Volvo presents updated XC40


Volvo Cars has given its XC40 Recharge electric SUV a facelift. Among other things, a new front bumper and a frameless radiator grille ensure that XC40 Recharge is visually aligned with the Volvo C40 Recharge. In addition, the C40 Recharge gets a new engine.

Previously, the XC40 only had a closed grille to distinguish it from the internal combustion and PHEV variants of the compact SUV. The headlights, however, were the same. Then in March 2021, the Swedish company had unveiled the C40 Recharge as the SUV coupe of the XC40. At that time, the designers had given the C40, which is only available as a BEV, a different rear end, and redesigned headlights; the closed grille also differed from the XC40 so far.

To keep the XC40 Recharge and the C40 Recharge “in sync and align the two cars that symbolize Volvo Cars’ electrification journey,” the electric version of the XC40 now also gets the visual updates of the electric SUV coupe. There’s also a leather-free upholstery option and new exterior colours and wheels.

The XC40 Recharge’s powertrain technology remains the same in the minor facelift. It keeps the 300-kW all-wheel-drive system with a 78-kWh battery (75 kWh net) and the front-wheel-drive model with 170-kW powertrain output and a 70-kWh battery (67 kWh net), which Volvo introduced in September 2021.

There is no visual change in the C40 Recharge, but a technical change: this model was previously only available with the 300-kW all-wheel drive. The C40 will also be available in the single-engine version in the future. This should enable a WLTP range of 434 kilometres in the C40 Recharge, and Volvo quotes a charging time of 32 minutes from 10 to 80 per cent. The base price thus drops to 45,280 euros; previously, the all-wheel-drive model could be ordered from 57,890 euros.

Those ordering a C40 Recharge (or even XC40 Recharge) will also be guided through a new online ordering process that the manufacturer says should be easier and more convenient. “Volvo customers can now choose between different trim levels and select the options that best suit their personal needs. The new offer structure reflects Volvo Cars’ efforts to increase price transparency and reduce the complexity of its model offering by focusing on attractive pre-selected variants,” the statement said.


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