ADS-TEC Energy & GenZ EV form sales cooperation

ADS-TEC Energy, a German provider of battery-based fast charging technology, has entered into a sales cooperation with US firm GenZ EV Solutions for the automotive markets in North and South America.

GenZ EV will distribute ADS-TEC Energy‘s electric vehicle charging solutions to automotive OEMs, car dealerships and fleet companies. Here, ADS-TEC Energy points out that there are more than 18,000 car dealers in the US, “which represents a sales opportunity in the order of several billion dollars”.

ADS-TEC Energy develops, builds and sells battery-supported fast-charging solutions in which the charging power can be significantly higher than the connected load. This makes charging with up to 320 kW possible at a mains connection with only 50 kW.

ADS-TEC Energy is listed on the US stock exchange via SPAC merger and has big plans for North America. In February, the company announced its intention to build its own US plant. A few days later, a major order was made public by US infrastructure investor Smart City Capital, which ordered over 200 units.

Gowton Achaibar, president and CEO of ADS-TEC Energy, sees GenZ EV as “the ideal partner for our technology”. “Together, we’ll be making it easier for customers to deploy ultra-fast charging on site, which will be a critical asset to their businesses, both in terms of costs and convenience, as inventories of EVs increase,” Achaibar said.

GenZ EV was founded by experts in the US automotive industry and has only been publicly active since the end of February 2022. “We evaluated many options for technology partners and chose ADS-TEC Energy because of the company’s deep experience in battery technologies. Their cutting-edge charging solution brings unique benefits to the automotive industry, such as ease of install and the ability to draw energy from existing, low-power energy grids to deliver a consistent, ultra-fast charge,” says GenZ EV CEO José Valls, former chairman of Nissan North America.


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