Carrefour expands charging to all stores

The French retailer Carrefour is expanding the development of charging infrastructure to all of its shops. By 2025, a total of 5,000 publicly accessible charging points are to be put into operation at over 700 Carrefour stores in France.

Carrefour already commissioned Allego to install a total of more than 2,000 fast charging points with outputs of between 75 and 300 kW at its so-called “hypermarkets” at more than 200 locations in France by 2023.

In addition to the fast charging points, there will also be an unspecified number of 22 kW charging points as well as a free service for charging light electric vehicles such as e-bikes, electric mopeds and electric scooters. The 22 kW chargers are also to be free for customers with a Carrefour loyalty card for the first hour. No such provision is mentioned for the DC charging points, so these will probably incur charging fees from the start.

The first fast-charging point is to go into operation on 8 April in the car park of the Carrefour supermarket in La Chapelle-Saint-Luc. On average, each hypermarket will have ten charging points and each other supermarket five but here excluding charging points for electric two-wheelers. A total of 5,000 charging points are planned by 2025: 2,000 charging points in cooperation with Allego and 3,000 additional charging points in cooperation with Driveco.


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