Wallbox Chargers to build factory in Texas

The Spanish charging infrastructure manufacturer Wallbox Chargers has begun construction of its first production facility in the USA, which was announced last year. This is being built in Arlington in the state of Texas and is scheduled to start production by the beginning of autumn 2022.

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The plan is to produce over 250,000 chargers in 2022. By 2025, production is to be increased to over 500,000 units. This is the first time that concrete data on the dimensions of the plant have been revealed: When Wallbox Chargers confirmed plans for a US plant and the ongoing site search in April 2021, no details were given about the scale.

With up to 500,000 chargers per year from the 12,000-square-metre plant, the company believes it is well equipped for the time being. The plant is “expected to have sufficient capacity to fully support Wallbox’s expansion plans in North America over the next ten years”, according to the statement.

When the roughly eleven-million-dollar (ten-million-euro) facility goes into operation this autumn, the Pulsar Plus AC Wallbox will be built first. With an adapter, it should also be possible to charge Teslas with Tesla’s own charging port in the USA. From 2023, production lines for the bidirectional DC charger Quasar 2, the public DC pillar Supernova and the HPC pillar Hypernova will then also be set up.

“The US factory is an exciting milestone that will allow us to expand our local presence in the US, and we are very excited to begin construction in Arlington,” said Douglas Alfaro, general manager for North America at Wallbox. “The manufacturing facility should allow us to better meet the needs of our American customers and support the nation’s transition to electric mobility.”

The US plant will be Wallbox’s fourth manufacturing facility, along with two plants in Europe and one in China. In Europe, Wallbox Chargers began production in December 2021 at a new plant in Barcelona, which will be officially inaugurated later this month. In total, Wallbox is expected to have a global production capacity of over 1.1 million chargers per year by the end of this year.

Update 28 October 2022

Spanish charging infrastructure manufacturer Wallbox Charger has officially opened its first North American production facility in Arlington, Texas, just over six months after construction began. The factory is designed to have a capacity of 250,000 chargers per year at opening.

But: there are new details about the expansion plans. Previously, there was talk of production of up to 500,000 chargers in 2025. However, in the plant startup announcement, the Spanish company indicates a capacity of one million units by 2030.

As reported above, production will start with the Pulsar Plus home charger. In the current announcement, Wallbox Chargers highlights production of the Hypernova HPC column, which is scheduled to start in 2023. With up to 400 kW of charging power, this model is said to be particularly suitable for the planned highway corridors in the US. However, the production of the bidirectional DC charger Quasar 2 and the DC pillar Supernova planned according to the earlier announcement is no longer mentioned

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