Apr 19, 2022 - 05:14 pm

Proterra to improve battery capacity on the ZX5 bus

US electric bus manufacturer Proterra has announced increased battery capacity for its ZX5 battery-electric transit bus. Starting next year, the 40-foot (12.2-metre) version of the Proterra ZX5 can be equipped with up to 738 kWh of battery capacity.

This should allow for more than 300 miles (480 kilometres) of range, according to the announcement – “depending on route conditions, configuration and operation”. Previously, the maximum battery capacity for the ZX5 stood at 660 kWh.

For routes with lower range requirements, the 35- and 40-foot versions of the ZX5+ model can be equipped with batteries of up to 492 kWh. With the old battery generation, up to 440 kWh were possible here.

Proterra does not mention any other changes to the e-drive in the press release, so the update is likely to be limited to the battery. The Duo Power drive in the ZX5, which will be presented in 2020, has an output of 404 kW.



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  1. Larry Wolf

    300 miles of busing range means Greyhound bus won’t be far behind with commercial buses for long routes using electric instead of diesel. The savings on fuel will be too much of a lure for Greyhound to keep resisting upgrading to electric.

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