Tesla opens more Superchargers to others


In Norway, Tesla has opened more Superchargers for other brands. According to one observer, almost the entire route to the North Cape is now open to electric cars from other manufacturers.

Multiple articles report that this involves 42 additional Supercharger locations where non-Teslas can now also charge. After an initial test with ten sites in the Netherlands in November 2021, Tesla opened its first charging parks in Norway and France to non-Tesla brands this January with initially 15 in Norway and 16 in France.

With this latest opening of Superchargers to other brands, Tesla has greatly increased the number of freely accessible Superchargers in Norway and almost completely covered the aforementioned route to the North Cape. According to the Cikesa station in the south of Norway some locations are likely to remain exclusive to Tesla drivers, simply because there are plenty of other options. In the north of the country, the entire route to the North Cape is not completely covered by Superchargers and in some places the distance between chargers is around 400 kilometres.

The procedure remains the same: drivers of electric cars from other brands can only start and end charging processes manually via the Tesla app. The kWh prices vary depending on the location; the running costs can be reduced with a monthly membership. (in German)


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