May 19, 2022 - 04:58 pm

Recall: Ioniq 5 and EV6 may just roll down a hill

Hyundai has issued a recall in the US and South Korea that affects the Ioniq 5 as well as the Kia EV6. An issue with the shift by wire system could lead to the vehicles rolling away when parked.

Hyundai says it is not aware of this happening in the US but mentions four cases in which this occurred to Ioniq 5 vehicles and one time in a Kia EV6 in South Korea.

In those cases, the owners claim that the vehicles inadvertently rolled down an incline after being turned off. Hyundai investigated the claims and found voltage fluctuation could impact the command signal from the Shifter Control Unit, which operates the shift-by-wire system.

This could lead to a momentary disengagement of the parking pawl, a pin within the transmission or drive system of a vehicle that works to physically prevent the car from moving while it is in Park mode, Carscoops avidly explains.

Hyundai will contact owners of affected vehicles by 10 July, asking them to return the cars to the workshop to get them fixed free of charge. So far, the recall seems to affect 10,729 Ioniq 5 and 9,014 EV6 vehicles. That is, however only the US and Korea. Further recalls in Europe remain a possibility.,


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19.05.2022 16:38