Jun 8, 2022 - 03:05 pm

Technotrans presents 850 Volt DC battery cooling system

Technotrans has increased the permissible operating voltage of its zeta.road battery cooling system, which is specially tailored to the requirements of electrified road vehicles, to 850 volts DC. This enables compatibility with more powerful batteries. The first prototypes are scheduled for use in early 2023.

The Technotrans solution can be connected directly to the battery voltage, eliminating the need for an additional voltage converter. This saves costs, installation space and weight, the company writes in a statement. The new high-voltage system will be presented for the first time from 28 to 30 June at “The Battery Show 2022” trade fair in Stuttgart.

“By connecting our cooling system directly to the battery voltage, we do not need to integrate a voltage transformer. This enables us to reduce the energy loss while increasing the efficiency of the entire system,” explains Sascha Koller, Sales Manager at Technotrans. “With this technology, we can keep pace with the development of even more powerful batteries as it makes us a pioneer in the market.”

As mentioned above, the zeta.road battery cooling system is tailored to road vehicles such as electric buses, self-driving special vehicles at airports, at the ship port or in mining. The power is regulated independently by a specially developed software. The company develops individual cooling solutions for the different areas of application: “Whether it is humid sea air or a dusty desert climate – we take extreme environments into account in our application-specific engineering processes, thereby creating a stable temperature profile that is essential for the battery,” Koller adds.

At the end of March, the Münsterland-based company announced a cooperation with Nio. Technotrans installed a cooling solution for the prototype of a battery exchange system of the Chinese electric car manufacturer in Oslo. In August last year, Technotrans was awarded two follow-up contracts in the field of electrified rail transport. More than 100 battery cooling systems were to go to two battery manufacturers, the order volume was in the seven-figure range.



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