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Porsche to fix Taycan production issues in the USA


Porsche has to make improvements to 12,490 vehicles in the electric Taycan model series in the USA. In certain Taycans of the production years 2019 to 2022, the display screens may fail. The problem is to be solved with a software update.

This is not the first recall for the Taycan in the USA, as the most recent happened in October 2021, when 11,827 vehicles were recalled due to issues with the brake lights. There was also a global recall for the Taycan in July last year, when the drives would shut down unexpectedly.


about „Porsche to fix Taycan production issues in the USA“
Roman Schwartsman
28.06.2022 um 03:51
I owned a Taycan Cross Tourismo for one month. The rear doors would not close properly. Panel gaps were very uneven. The screen went black on two occasions while driving. On one occasion the car had an “Engine Control Unit” failure at highway speed. I returned the car to the dealer after that event. Very embarrassing for Porsche to be producing that.

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