Gotion High Tech to make battery cells in Germany in 2023


The Chinese battery cell manufacturer and Volkswagen partner Gotion High-Tech has revealed details of its plans for the former Bosch plant in Göttingen that it bought last year. Gotion High-Tech says that Göttingen will become its first battery production and business operation headquarters in Europe.

The plan is to build the project on the Bosch site in two phases, a brownfield and a greenfield facility with annual production targets of 6 and 12 GWh respectively. The first production line, with an annual capacity of 3.5 GWh, is scheduled to come on stream in September 2023. Gotion has not yet revealed when the brownfield plant (i.e. an existing factory) will be scaled up to 6 GWh. The redevelopment is expected to begin at the end of this year.

Gotion says the existing buildings cover 40,000 square metres but the entire site is 174,000 square metres. Apart from the targeted capacity of 12 GWh Gotion has not revealed any further details about the greenfield plant that is to be built on the still undeveloped land. It is therefore also unclear whether the 18 GWh target is to be reached in Göttingen.

What is clear is that the cells will be LFP cells. Gotion says these will be used for batteries for buses, cars, energy storage, mobile devices and other product lines. Ahmet Toptas, head of Gotion Germany’s Göttingen plant says: “With the advanced lithium iron phosphate battery cell technology of Gotion High-Tech, together with experienced German employees, strict quality control and high-quality requirements of Europe, we intend to cover customers in sectors of energy storage, commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles in the future, so as to meet the demand of the new energy market in Europe and help Gotion High-Tech accelerate the expansion of overseas markets.”

“We will combine China’s advanced battery technology with Germany’s advanced process engineering to create more excellent products and contribute to society, so as to promote the progress and development of the new energy industry,” says Li Zhen, chairman of Gotion High-Tech.

Gotion High-Tech is currently positioned well in international supply chains. Just a few days ago, the Chinese company signed an agreement to build a lithium carbonate plant in Argentina.


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