Jul 13, 2022 - 07:11 pm

AMTE Power joins forces with Mahle Powertrain

UK battery cell manufacturer AMTE Power has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with UK-based German manufacturer Mahle Powertrain (MPT). The non-binding MoU the MoU between the two companies will facilitate testing of AMTE Power’s UHP cells at MPT test sites in Northampton.

In March last year, the UK-based development service provider Mahle Powertrain (MPT) invested a total of 12 million euros in the construction of five new test and development facilities. MPT is a subsidiary of the Stuttgart-based supplier Mahle and also operates a test bench for electric drive systems in Stuttgart, Germany. Earlier this month, MPT announced it had completed two new test sites in Northampton.

In is here in the Northampton Development Centre that the MoU between the two companies will facilitate testing of AMTE Power’s UHP cells. This will allow MPT to develop powertrain concepts for “the next era of high-performance electric cars and help address the automotive industry bottleneck in battery testing,” says AmtePower.

According to the company, AMTE Power’s differentiated cells are specifically designed to solve key challenges for high-performance electric vehicles in terms of balancing power, weight and safety needs.

Kevin Brundish, CEO of AMTE Power, said: “This first step towards a commercial partnership with MPT builds on a number of recent MoUs that we’ve agreed in the automotive sector.” He explained: “This is an important step in our pathway towards commercialisation and we are looking forward to working with MPT to unlock the next generation of high-performance vehicles.”

Earlier this year, AMTE Power teamed up with Sprint Power and Eltrium to accelerate the development of battery technologies. In 2020, AMTE said it was planning a battery manufacturing plant with Britishvolt but since this MoU has published little about their further collaboration on the plant. The Britishvolt plant is to be built in Blyth, Northumberland, near Nissan and with connections to renewable energy.



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