Nio confirms plans to release 150 kWh battery in 2022

The Chinese electric carmaker has confirmed its earlier timetables, according to which the first vehicles with the 150 kWh solid-state battery will be delivered this year. There will also be flexible upgrades for existing Nio customers via the company’s battery swap stations.

The 150 kWh pack uses so-called semi-solid-state battery cells, which Nio sources from the Chinese manufacturer WeLion. WeLion is currently building a factory for hybrid battery cells with solid and liquid electrolyte as well as for pure solid-state battery cells in Zibo in the eastern Chinese province of Shandong. This factory is scheduled to go into operation at the end of the year – this could fit in with the Nio timetables, but large quantities are probably not to be expected initially.

The semi-solid-state cells have a solid electrolyte, an anode material made of a silicon graphite composite and a cathode with an “ultra-high” nickel content, as the CN EV Post writes. WeLion itself had stated that the battery would have an energy density of 360 Wh/kg.

Originally, the 150 kWh pack was announced for the ET7 electric sedan, for which the statement was also made that delivery would begin in Q4 2022. In the ET7, an NEDC range of over 1,000 kilometres should be possible with the battery. In Nio’s large electric SUV, the ES8, it should still be 850 kilometres according to the NEDC, and 900 kilometres in the smaller ES6 SUV model.

Since all Nio models are compatible with the company’s own battery swap technology, customers can also swap the ordered battery model afterwards. Initially, this was not possible; only batteries of the same type could be exchanged. However, after a pilot project, Nio announced in December 2021 that customers can upgrade their battery packs monthly as needed. Currently, there are packs of 70, 75 or 100 kWh.

What the upgrade to the new 150 kWh battery will cost and how quickly these battery packs will be available in the exchange stations is not yet known.


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David Radzieta
02.08.2022 um 17:49
Sounds great. Let's hope we see millions of them. This should make 50kwh and 75kwh cars for ordinary people less expensive.
Kevin Engstrom
02.08.2022 um 22:20
Can I buy a nio suv and have it shipped to USA? Florida? What are the shipping costs?
Team electrive
03.08.2022 um 11:58
Hi Kevin,Nio is not selling electric cars in the US at the moment. The latest news saw them targeting your home market by 2025.
Allan Jacobson
04.08.2022 um 21:21
I will be surprised if a solid state battery will be used widely anytime soon. Tesla used18650 cells in 2005 because they had a known performance over time. There is no substitute for an actual 20 year history of performance. NIO can experiment better than anyone else BECAUSE of their battery swap architecture. In that way, if the battery fails (longevity especially) they can just put another battery in the car.
Thimmarayappa G
05.08.2022 um 01:40
expected date for launch of nio EV vehicles in india...??
David McLeish
05.08.2022 um 11:36
When available in Sweden or Uk? Dave
Haiping Fang
02.09.2022 um 22:50
Current models are already in Sweden, new model is expected to get to Sweden in first instance. I am also hoping for landing in UK soon!
22.04.2023 um 16:40
That’s great When this will available in the uk to buy?

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