E.On to set-up 2,000 high power charging stations by 2024

Energy company E.On plans to install 2,000 ultra-rapid charging stations across Europe by the end of 2024. The German utility joins forces with Alpitronic to provide HPC equipment. Their plans reach beyond 2024.

By 2026, E.On plans to own a total of 5,000 new high-power charging points. The Group with headquarters in Essen wants to expand existing locations and construct new hubs for public charging and E.On’s business clients.

Alpitroniq’s DC charging columns deliver outputs between 150 and 300 kW, i.e. E.On will deploy the Hypercharger HYC150 (with 1x 150 kW or 2x 75 kW) and the Hypercharger HYC300. The new HYC400 with outputs of up to 400 kW and the HYC50, the first wall-mountable 50 kW charger, will also be available to E.On customers in the future.

In addition, E.On and Alpitronic say they want to improve the customer experience at the charging station. The focus here is on the technical optimization of the interaction between the vehicle, fast charging station and billing system, and Plug&Charge. To improve operations and ease the burden on grids, the partners also plan to drive solutions for smart charging, for example, researching the potential of intelligent load management in conjunction with time-variable electricity tariffs.

The E.On and Alpitronic announcements so far have focused on car charging. However, the partners also plan to collaborate on charging solutions for heavy-duty commercial vehicles, such as future megawatt charging. The first pilot sites with fast-charging infrastructure for trucks will be built at several European locations by 2024. However, details remain scarce.

“Electromobility is a key factor in advancing the energy transition and saving CO2 emissions. To ensure that even more people switch to electric driving in the future, charging must work as quickly and conveniently as possible,” said Patrick Lammers, E.ON Management Board member for Customer Relations. “We’re therefore determined on pushing the expansion of infrastructure throughout Europe and fostering new and innovative technologies for smart charging.”

Philipp Senoner, CEO and co-founder of Alpitronic, added, “The close exchange with our partners along the value chain for charging infrastructure is essential to offer customer-oriented charging solutions.”

E.On is not the first partnership with a large utility for Alpitroniq. The company, with headquarters in Northern Italy, reportedly works with EnBW in Germany and Statkraft’s Mer charging network, as reported.

E.On currently includes 160,000 public charging points in Germany and other European countries. The company has not provided details on which countries will see the new 5,000 high-power chargers roll out.

With reporting by Sebastian Schaal, Germany.



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