Teco 2030 & AVL to develop 40-tonne fuel cell truck

The Norwegian company Teco 2030 and the Austrian drive developer AVL List have signed a cooperation agreement to use fuel cell stacks from Teco 2030 in AVL’s DemoTruck. The first prototype of the FC truck is scheduled to be on the road from mid-2023.

As part of the DemoTruck project, the prototype of a 40-tonne truck is being developed to enable the integration of FC systems with more than 300 kW of power into standard truck chassis. Further technical data are not mentioned in the press release. With the DemoTruck, the two partners are also targeting the HyTruck project, which is funded by the Austrian government.

Teco 2030 manufactures its fuel cell stacks in a factory in Narvik – actually these fuel cells are optimised for maritime applications. “I am really excited to see the TECO2030 stacks perform in an additional heavy-duty application other than marine,” says Falko Berg, Manager PEM Systems at AVL List GmbH. “With the carbon plate stack design, we laid the foundation for pretty much everything heavy duty and it is absolutely key to find these common denominators across industries. This is the only viable way to make sure that our customers like TECO2030 succeed and are able to utilize their upcoming Narvik plant for additional needs besides their main business.”

“We are excited to team up with AVL again in a new project where our fuel cell stacks will be validated in a class leading heavy duty truck application as early as mid-2023!” says Tore Enger, CEO of Teco 2030.



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