Volkswagen America announces prices for the 2023 ID.4


Volkswagen of America announced that pricing for the 2023 ID.4 electric compact SUV will start at an MSRP of $37,495. The electric SUV will be released in three trim levels, with the vehicles expected to reach dealers in autumn.

Now assembled in Chattanooga, the ID.4 is offered in three trim levels – ‘Standard’/’Pro’, ‘S’, and ‘S Plus’ – with the option of 62 kWh and 82 kWh batteries and rear-wheel- or all-wheel drive. The entry ID.4, now called the ID.4 Standard, is equipped with a new 62 kWh battery, allowing for a lower price of entry and a preliminary manufacturer estimated range of 208 miles, based on a simulated EPA-test cycle.

Prices for the different variants range from the previously-mentioned $37,495 for the Standard edition, while the ‘Pro’ variant of the same vehicle will cost customers at least $42,495 MSRP. The top model, the ID.4 AWD Pros S Plus, goes for a of $53,995.

In terms of the electric drive system’s power, a single, permanent magnet synchronous motor powers the rear wheels and provides 150 kW. The ID.4 Pro continues with an 82 kWh battery that allows for a preliminary manufacturer estimated range of 275 miles, while ID.4 AWD Pro models add an asynchronous motor to the front axle, resulting in a bump to 220 kW, and an EPA-estimated range of 255 miles. Plug&Charge functionality is now standard on the ID.4.

While the ID.4 qualifies for the full US tax credit, due to being assembled in the USA, however, Volkswagen also points out that there is a ‘destination fee’ for all models of $1,295.

Volkswagen only began production of the ID.4 about a week ago in the USA and is already looking at establishing a second production location. In Germany, production of the electric SUV has been underway in Emden since May, with a new AWD variant introduced in June, although there had been delays due to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.


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