Aug 8, 2022 - 11:40 am

Aiways is releasing the U6 in China with 3 battery options

Aiways is now accepting reservations in China for its second model, the U6, which is to be launched in Europe in the third quarter of 2022. However, it is still unclear whether the three battery versions offered in China will also all be available in Europe.

The all-electric SUV coupé with a cW value of 0.26 is powered by a 160 kW engine. According to Chinese media reports, the U6 will be available in China with three battery variants (63, 72 and 88 kWh), which will provide a range of 503, 580 and 650 kilometres, respectively, according to Chinese standards.

As a reminder, the only Aiways model available in Europe so far, the technically closely related U5 electric SUV, is only offered with the 63 kWh battery. Aiways also relies on cells from CATL for the two new battery versions and also uses the cell-to-pack technology of the Chinese battery giant.

The final prices for the U6 in the Play (63 kWh), Cyber Play (72 kWh) and Top Play (88 kWh) versions are not yet known. Customers will have to pay 6,000 yuan (870 euros) for a reservation. The first 1,666 customers who reserve a U6 will receive a discount of 10,000 yuan (1,450 euros) if they order later.

Originally, the U6 was supposed to be on the market as early as 2021, also in Europe. The first test specimens were already built in June last year. Later, the premiere of the U6 was repeatedly postponed, first to the beginning of 2022 and then to the third quarter.


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