Xpeng partners with Plugsurfing in Norway


The German charging provider Plugsurfing has just signed another cooperation agreement with a Chinese electric car manufacturer. Xpeng drivers in Norway will now receive Plugsurfing’s charging solution and a co-branded charging key that will give them access to 300,000 public charging points across Europe via the Plugsurfing network.

In May this year, Plugsurfing partnered with Nio for charging in Europe. The Berlin-based, Finnish-owned company says the new cooperation with Xpeng will be limited to Norway.

Xpeng started delivering electric cars in Norway at the end of 2020 and announced its expansion to the European markets of Denmark, Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands at the end of 2021. But in June 2022, Xpeng stopped pre-orders for its P5 model in the four aforementioned countries until further notice, citing global supply chain issues. It is unclear with which partner Xpeng plans to offer charging services in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands once plans resume.

“As a leading EV manufacturer, we want to continuously enhance every part of the customer journey, which includes offering services that complement our range of vehicles,” says Xiaopeng He, CEO & Chairman of XPENG. That said, the company founder is already looking beyond Norway: “We believe partnering with Plugsurfing will help strengthen our offering to drivers across Scandinavia.”


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