Revel, NineDot Energy & Fermata Energy initiate V2G in New York City grid

Image: Revel

In the USA, Revel, NineDot Energy and Fermata Energy announced that the first Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) program connected to New York City’s grid is now live at Revel’s Red Hook, Brooklyn warehouse.

Revel is an electric mobility and infrastructure company based in Brooklyn that has now partnered with V2G and Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) provider Fermata Energy and clean energy developer NineDot Energy. The three companies aim to deploy a bidirectional charging system. This will enable both the charging of electric vehicles as well as enabling these EVs to discharge leftover energy stored in their batteries back to Con Edison’s grid. With this system, electric cars with this capacity will be able to contribute to stabilizing the grid in NYC.

Here, the idea is that electric vehicles can take grid power when electricity production is high and feed back the excess power when the grid requires more energy when demand is high. The V2G system to be utilised in New York uses three Fermata Energy bidirectional chargers operating on a cloud-based platform. The interconnection agreement with Con Edison means that the chargers can also send energy stored in vehicle batteries back to the grid between 2:00 – 6:00 PM when local energy demand peaks. The three bidirectional chargers can export approximately 45kW back to the grid.

“With the right technology, EVs support grid resilience, rather than acting as just a grid drain. That’s an important change that New York and Con Edison are bringing to the industry,” said David Slutzky, CEO & Founder of Fermata Energy. “Both Revel and NineDot are forward-thinking companies that understand the importance of V2G and V2X technologies in supporting the grid and decarbonization, and we are honoured to be working with them.”

Over the summer this year, NineDot Energy and Fermata Energy tested the V2G system at Revel’s Red Hook warehouse. This system can now be activated. The V2G system currently operates with Nissan LEAF EVs and aims to incorporate more EV models as V2G technology becomes more available.


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