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Jan 10, 2023 - 04:03 pm

Revel to open five new fast charging hubs in NY

The Brooklyn-based electric mobility and infrastructure company Revel has announced plans to develop and open five new fast-charging ‘Superhubs’ in New York City, adding a total of 136 public charging stalls to New York’s EV infrastructure.

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Nov 17, 2022 - 04:27 pm

Revel receives more funding to build on Red Hook Superhub

Brooklyn-based e-mobility and infrastructure company Revel has completed a $50 million debt financing with BlackRock Alternatives. Revel will use the funds for its EV fast-charging Superhubs, which the company wants to install in urban areas across the USA.

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Nov 11, 2019 - 01:55 pm

Revel launches scooter fleet in Austin

The New York startup Revel has launched in the Texan capital with a fleet of 1,000 electric scooters (as in mopeds, not kick scooters) in a vehicle-sharing scheme. Revel already has 1,000 electric scooters on New York’s streets and 400 more in Washington DC.

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Jun 3, 2019 - 01:55 pm

USA: Revel completes scooter sharing tests in NY

The New York City-based startup Revel Transit has completed a nine-month pilot project on electric scooter sharing, in which 68 mopeds were used. Now 1,000 of their shared electric scooters were released onto the streets of Brooklyn and Queens.

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