Volkswagen’s Elli connects to &Charge services


Porsche spin-off &Charge, a company offering loyalty points for EV drivers in Europe, has a new client in Elli. The business signs responsible for charging and energy-related services within the Volkswagen Group. The cooperation with &Charge will benefit EV drivers across the VW portfolio.

Services of &Charge work similar to other loyalty programmes – think shopping as a British Airways member. Users processing purchases, bookings and other transactions via the &Charge platform online receive so-called Kilometer and can then redeem these points as charge credits for electric vehicles or free trips with rental e-scooters and car-sharing services.

Since Elli agreed to cooperate, their charging tariff customers can redeem vouchers in the Elli charging app as well as via Easy Charging (Seat/Cupra), Powerpass (Skoda) and in future We Charge (VW).

Collecting Kilometres via &Charge works by, among other activities, shopping in one of the 1,500 partner shops across Europe.

However, unlike other loyalty schemes, &Charge users may also collect points by evaluating charging stations and enriching charging station data. Drivers of electric cars who provide, for example, live information on the &Charge app about the charging infrastructure and review charging processes will receive a reward of at least ten &Charge kilometres for each contribution, explains Elli. &Charge also enables wall box sharing.

An Elli charging credit is worth €4 (50 &Charge kilometres) and €20 (250 &Charge kilometres); generally, one &Charge kilometre is equivalent to €0.08.

Simon Vogt, the CSO and co-founder of &Charge, stressed that working with Elli represented “a huge milestone” for the business.

The start-up first made it onto the map in summer 2020, when Porsche Digital built “a successful and independent company out of an idea,” Mattias Ulbrich, CEO of Porsche Digital, explained at the time. Launch markets were Germany, Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands.

In Germany, the list of shops to collect &Charge points includes, Lidl, Ikea, and grocery stores, among many others.,


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