Sunwoda announces extra fast-charging battery

The Chinese battery manufacturer Sunwoda Electric Vehicle Battery has presented the SFC480, a particularly fast-charging battery that is to go into series production this year.

The new cells claim to be ready for taking charges at 480 kW and could offer ranges of 700 km, so Sunwoda. The SFC480 battery is designed for up to 50,000 charge-discharge cycles.

Vice president of Sunwoda, Zhang Yao, added that the company is continually improving the materials, structure and assembly techniques, and expects to improve the maximum range to 1,100 km by the year 2026. The company then expects the battery structure to evolve into CTC (cell-to-chassis) from the current CTP (cell-to-pack).

Sunwoda started a collaboration with Nissan in 2020 to develop next-gen batteries for Nissan’s e-Power hybrid vehicles.

Since then, they increased technology collaborations with the help of Chinese EV manufacturer Geely, who launched a subsidiary joint venture through their subsidiary Jirun Automobile in 2021 also to develop batteries for hybrid vehicles.

Now, Sunwoda is taking their developments to the market, supported by two new battery factories, which were announced earlier this year.

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Jean-Baptiste Segard
06.09.2022 um 10:07
In summary a 120 kWh pack, charging at 4C (likely to be peak charging). Weight ? Cost ? 50 000 cycles, or 35 Million km, or 2 800 years usage of an average european car. Is this likely, or a translation error ? Merely testing this performance at 1C would take 8.5 years. They started the test early... @Chris Randall: looking forward to updates of this article.

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