Nissan introduces the 4th-gen X-Trail in Europe

Nissan presents the X-Trail in its fourth model generation. It is the second Nissan model in Europe after the Qashqai. The hybrid X-Trail, available as a 5- or 7-seater, also comes with a stronger-than-usual e-Power drive as an option.

The main upgrades on the new X-Trail involve said drive system: The electric motor at the front has an output of 150 kW, compared to 140 kW for the Qashqai e-Power. The X-Trail is also offered with the e-4ORCE all-wheel drive system, which is specially adapted to electrified drives, with a second electric motor on the rear axle and enables one-pedal driving.

In terms of technical specifications, Nissan explains that the “new X-Trail’s e-Power system is comprised of a high-output battery and powertrain integrated with a variable compression ratio petrol engine, power generator, inverter and 150kW front electric motor.” This is coupled with a 1.5-litre petrol engine, which only serves to charge the battery, however. Nissan explains that this “means the engine can always run within its optimal range, leading to superior fuel efficiency in urban settings”, as the wheels are powered by the electric drive.

There are ten paint finishes and five two-tone colour combinations to choose from for the new X-Trail. Among other features, the vehicle is equipped with the next-generation ProPILOT Assist, which can accelerate the vehicle to a set speed and slow it down to 0 km/h in heavy stop-and-go traffic.

“For the fourth generation X-Trail, we will give them the capacity for adventure, with an advanced electrified all-wheel drive powertrain, combined with intuitive and convenient technology,” said Francois Bailly, Senior Vice President, Chief Planning Officer, for Nissan’s AMIEO Region.

This is an important step towards Nissan’s plan to only release electrified vehicle models in Europe from 2023, including both hybrids as well as battery-electric vehicles, instead of investing in the Euro-7 compliant combustion technologies.


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