Karsan presents hydrogen bus at the IAA

The Turkish bus manufacturer Karsan presented its first hydrogen model at the IAA Transportation. The e-ATA Hydrogen is a 12-metre bus for up to 95 passengers (40 seats) and a range of over 500 kilometres.

In the e-ATA Hydrogen, Karsan combines a 250 kW electric drive with a 70 kW fuel cell and a 30 kWh battery. Five cylindrical pressure tanks are placed on the roof of the vehicle in the rear area, but the Turkish manufacturer only states the volume of 1,560 litres and not the hydrogen capacity in kilograms.

At a pressure of 350 bar and a density of about 24 kilograms of hydrogen per cubic metre, the tank capacity would be 37.5 kilograms. For comparison: Solaris gives a range of 350 kilometres for its Urbino 12 hydrogen with a comparable tank size. So either the Karsan is much more efficient or the manufacturer has decided in favour of a 700-bar system – in which case, at a density of 40 kilograms of hydrogen per cubic metre, 62 kilograms could fit into the tanks.

The e-drive is supposed to be particularly quiet hub motors, the battery works with a lithium titanate cell chemistry. The hub motors allow for a very flat and airy interior. For the body, Karsan offers options with two or three doors. The e-ATA Hydrogen can carry up to 95 passengers, 40 of them on seats.

The model comes with air suspension from the factory and can be ordered with optional assistance systems and a digital mirror replacement system. Karsan says it uses proven components from the European bus supply industry.

The e-ATA Hydrogen, which has now been presented at the IAA Transportation in Hanover, is based on the e-ATA with battery-electric drive unveiled a year ago. It is available as a solo bus with a length of ten or twelve metres (with up to 300 or 450 kWh battery capacity) and also as an 18-metre articulated bus. Here, up to 600 kWh can be installed, and the maximum power of the articulated bus is twice as high at 500 kW thanks to two driven axles. It is not yet known whether the fuel cell drive will also be offered in the articulated bus. Solaris presented such an 18-metre model with fuel cell shortly before the trade fair in Hanover.

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