Nio launches ET5 deliveries in China

Nio delivered the first batch of the mass-produced ET5 to customers in China on September 30th; just barely hitting the targeted delivery window. Subsequently, Nio intends to scale up deliveries of the electric sedan very quickly. The ET5 could also come to Europe in 2023.

The fact that the ET5 will be delivered from September 2022 was already announced at its debut in December 2021. With the first handovers to customers in Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Hefei and Guangzhou on September 30, this promise was just about kept.

However, it should not be a matter of a few hand-assembled vehicles to keep the delivery promise. Previously, Nio CEO William Li had released internal forecasts that ET5 sales would exceed 10,000 units as early as September. To achieve that, Nio would need to produce more than 2,500 vehicles per week by then.

The ET5 is the first model to be built at the company’s own NeoPark in Hefei. Construction of the NeoPark, which will also house eMobility suppliers in addition to Nio, had begun in April 2021. In the future, production capacities for one million electric cars and 100 GWh of batteries per year will be created in the industrial park – and corresponding research and development facilities will be built.

In terms of design, the ET5 is based on the larger ET7, which has been delivered since March – but the ET7 (like the previous Nio models) is built by cooperation partner JAC. The 4.79-meter-long ET5 has a 360 kW all-wheel-drive system and offers three battery options between 75 and 150 kWh.

In the course of 2023, the ET5 will also be sold in other countries. Thus, there is a chance that the electric sedan will also be launched in Europe, as Nio plans to launch the ET7 here this year.


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