Nov 15, 2022 - 03:42 pm

Human Horizons orders components from Vitesco

The Chinese electric car manufacturer Human Horizons has ordered various components for its electric cars from Vitesco Technologies. In addition to general control electronics, the order includes cell monitoring for battery management and high-voltage current measurement modules.

In a company release, Vitesco says it will supply components for the new E/E architecture developed by Human Horizons. According to the supplier, the order is aimed at the Chinese market. In other words, the launch of Human Horizons’ electric vehicles will be limited to the domestic market. The Chinese manufacturer has two models in its portfolio so far: The HiPhi X electric SUV, presented in 2020, has been on sale since May 2021. The HiPhi Z electric sedan was launched in China at the end of August 2022.

Vitesco says it now contributes three product types: Zone controllers, cell monitoring circuits and high-voltage power modules. According to the supplier, the order for the zone controllers is particularly noteworthy: “It is the first global award for our new zone controller. This success shows that we are growing with electric mobility and innovation around the globe, especially in the dynamic Chinese market,” expresses Gregoire Cuny, President of Vitesco Technologies China.

For understanding, a short digression: zone controllers are necessary as a new type of control electronics in the wake of emerging electric/electronic architectures (E/E architecture for short). “This new architecture is based on a few master controllers (one of which is dedicated to all functions related to vehicle motion) and several zone controllers which execute the commands from the master controller and provide power to all local sensors and actuators in the respective zone,” Vitesco explains. The interaction of master controller and zone controller greatly simplifies the E/E architecture, while the computing power of a zone controller is scalable.

Vitesco expects the use of zone controllers to increase dramatically. It is now in full swing by “anticipating the need for this type of electronics” to bring its innovative technologies to market, the company exults. Vitesco Technologies has won orders worth around 10 billion euros with its eMobility components in the past two six months alone. Vitesco expects to break even in the electrification business in 2024.

With reporting by Cora Werwitzke, France.


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