Tesla announces ‘delivery event’ for the Semi

Following the start of production of the Tesla Semi in October, Tesla has now confirmed the date for the start of deliveries of the electric truck: Tesla will host a special “delivery event” on 1 December at its factory in Nevada.

Elon Musk had already mentioned this date in a tweet in October when he announced the start of production of the e-truck. According to this, deliveries to Pepsi were to start on 1 December. But after that, as is almost usual with the history of the Semi, the announcement went quiet again.

But in this case, Tesla seems to be keeping the date with the e-truck: For its part, the company now spread the announcement of the “Semi Delivery Event” via tweet, which is to take place on 1 December in Giga Nevada.

While the Giga Nevada is a joint battery factory of Tesla and Panasonic, series production of the Semi is actually planned at the Gigafactory Texas in Austin. However, there, the truck production line there is not yet in operation. Tesla had set up a small truck production line in a new building near Gigafactory 1 in Reno – for five vehicles per week, according to Electrek. Therefore, the “delivery event” in Nevada would also make sense.

It is still not known how many vehicles Tesla will hand over to Pepsi on 1 December. If the information from “Electrek” is correct, around 40 Semis could have been built in the eight weeks between the announced start of production and the delivery event.

In fact, however, the production rate is likely to be somewhat higher: Robin Denholm, chair of the Tesla board, told the Wall Street Journal that the company was aiming to produce 100 Semis this year. This would either mean that series production would have to run for longer or that more than five vehicles would have to be built per week.

The real production ramp-up should then take place in 2024: Then Tesla aims to produce 50,000 units, as Elon Musk recently announced at the analysts’ conference on the latest quarterly figures. However, it has not been confirmed when exactly production is to be relocated to the Giga Texas.

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