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BMW struggles to sell the i3 in China


For the German premium manufacturers, sales of their electric models in China apparently continue to be sluggish. After Mercedes-Benz recently reduced its sales prices significantly, local media now report that BMW dealers in China are offering up to 30 per cent off the list price for the electric sedan marketed there as the i3.

For the Mercedes EQE and EQS (the sedan versions in each case), the discount was up to 21 per cent. The BMW i3, which is an electric version of the 3 series sedan in China and has nothing in common with the i3 known in Europe, is cheaper than the Mercedes sedans, but in view of such discounts probably not in great demand.

BMW China’s recommended retail price is 349,900 yuan, the equivalent of 47,640 euros. According to reports, dealers now often offer discounts of between 80,000 and 100,000 yuan, i.e. between 10,890 and 13,615 euros. One dealer even offered a discount of 105,000 yuan, i.e. 30 per cent. Instead of over 47,000 euros, the i3 eDrive 35L would then be available from around 33,360 euros.

The dealers’ discount campaigns indicate that BMW has many i3s in stock and wants to get rid of them before new models go on sale. BMW is also reportedly planning a new edition of the i3 in China from January 2023 with more power and range. However, this has not been confirmed.

In the case of Audi, the case of a dealer in Wuxi who placed a large billboard at his shop with the message that Audi also offers purely electric cars recently became public. “While this may be the act of just one dealer, it clearly demonstrates the struggles Audi’s New Energy Vehicles face in China,” writes the CN EV Post. (BMW), (Audi)


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