Canoo delivers LTV to US Army

Canoo has delivered its new Light Tactical Vehicle (LTV) to the United States Army for Analysis & Demonstration in fulfilment of a contract awarded in July 2022. The LTV is engineered for extreme environments and can be converted from a pickup to a flatbed truck, a cargo vehicle and more.

The new Light Tactical Vehicle was specifically designed for use by the Army, however, it shares at least the design with the Lifestyle Vehicle, which was introduced in 2019. This variant “is engineered for extreme environments and includes stealth configurations. Designed to be durable with a focus on passenger and battery safety, the LTV incorporates carbon Kevlar for strength without the added weight,” the company explains.

In terms of technical specifications, not much was included in the communication in terms of battery capacity of range, however we do know that “The LTV has a proprietary all-wheel drive system with up to 600 hp”. This corresponds to about 447 kW power.

“The LTV is another milestone proving the power of our technology and how it can be used, even in tactical situations,” said Tony Aquila, Chairman & CEO at Canoo. “This is a winning algorithm for our customers and company.”

The company had also fallen on tough times recently, reporting serious financial difficulties in May. Since then, a major order from Walmart has given the company new financial possibilities, but also closely tied the two companies together.

Just last month, Canoo announced plans to build both an electric vehicle factory in the state of Oklahoma, as well as a battery factory to supply the required power for their future vehicles.


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