Dec 9, 2022 - 01:07 pm

GP Joule buys battery-boosted chargers from ADS-TEC

ADS-TEC Energy announced a new partnership with GP Joule Connect; a company focused on sustainable mobility. They plan to install several ADS-TEC battery-boosted charging stations in Europe to enable ultra-rapid charges without expanding the existing power grids.

In concrete terms, GP Joule has ordered 30 ChargePost and ten ChargeBox Ultra systems from ADS-TEC to deploy throughout 2023. ADS-TEC introduced the ChargePost in May and opened the order books to European clients a few days ago.

GP Joule Connect primarily serves the DACH region and will install ADS-TEC stations starting there. GP’s joint venture with Renault Group, Mobilize Power Solutions, also focuses on Germany, Austria and Switzerland, where it is “heavily involved in infrastructure solutions for fleets and the automotive sector,” so the company.

The battery-buffered solution provided by ADS-TEC Energy will enable expansion inner cities and rural areas where network infrastructure is otherwise costly and complex, or in some cases even impossible, writes GP. The ADS-TEC ChargeBox does not require a high-voltage connection but charges continuously from the available distribution grid and stores energy in the battery to boost charging power up to 320 kilowatts (kW).

The new ChargePost is more compact and works according to the same principle. The system has between 144 and 201 kWh of backup battery capacity. Two high-power connections can deliver up to 300 kW to one vehicle or 150 kW to two cars charging simultaneously. In addition, the ChargePost system includes large displays for optional advertising, further increasing the chance of revenue.

Manuel Reich, managing director of GP Joule, said, ADS-TEC’s products combined “high-performance, reliable technology with optimal, long-term total cost of ownership (TCO)”.

ADS-TEC-Energy founder and CEO Thomas Speidel added they intended to “aggressively advance the expansion of charging infrastructure together. We are already planning further exciting projects and look forward with great anticipation to a successful expansion of this partnership.”

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