Hyundai presents the new Kona generation design

Hyundai has unveiled the design of the new Kona generation. The small SUV has a much more modern look. The Korean company has not provided any details about the technical specifications yet, but they should hardly come as a surprise.

More surprising, however, is the design change, for which Hyundai has taken inspiration from its Staria van (with the continuous LED strip at the front) and the angular study of the large Ioniq 7. The pixel design of the Ioniq models is also taken up at the rear: The taillights in the side sill have shrunk to a narrow LED strip, and a light band with red LED pixels now runs across the entire width of the trunk lid. The actual rear lights with brake lights and turn signals are now also located at the rear (as previously at the front) in an independent unit slightly below the LED strip.

In the design upgrade of the new Kona, Hyundai initially focused on the purely electric version and, starting from this, subsequently designed the hybrid and combustion engine versions as well as the sporty N-Line, each of which is visually somewhat different from the purely electric version. Compared to the current generation, the new Kona grows by 150 mm in length, 25 mm in width and 60 mm in wheelbase.

Hyundai plans to reveal further details about the new Kona generation in the coming months. Thus, there are no details on the technology of the electric version yet. However, the vehicles are likely based on the Kia Niro EV design presented last year. The latter still relies on a 150 kW electric motor on the front axle, a 64.8 kWh battery (with cells from CATL instead of LGES) and 75 kW charging power. As can be seen from the new pictures, the charging hatch is also at the front of the new Kona.


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