Porsche introduces AC charger upgrade in the USA

Porsche has announced an offer to upgrade home charging in the USA for the 19.2 kW AC charging system. This upgrade effectively doubles the power the Taycan can draw from a 19.2 kW charger.

The new module replaces the existing onboard charger located behind the front trunk area, and allows 2020 Taycan model year Taycan owners to enable Plug and Charge in conjunction with a valid ‘My Porsche’ account. The charging upgrade is not free, however, and will set back owners by $1,850. For new vehicles, the option can directly be selected on order, while for existing vehicles, a trip to a service centre will be required.

Porsche has been busy upgrading the Taycan’s technical capabilities in the US, and announced an improved range for the 2023 model year based on EPA ratings. This also follows improved EV sales in the USA, which had grown by around 25 per cent since last year.



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