Nio counts 10 battery swapping stations in Europe


The Chinese electric car manufacturer Nio has now installed ten battery swapping stations in Europe, with seven more due to go into operation soon. The ten European battery-swapping stations are located in Norway, Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands.

The tenth station went into operation shortly before the turn of the year at a site in the Netherlands. The location in Denhollen (at the Hogenhoorn 1 car park) is already the third Nio battery swapping station in the Netherlands.

In Germany, Nio’s battery swapping stations are located in Hilden and at the Sortimo charging park in Zusmarshausen. A station in Berlin is to go into operation shortly. Other stations are located in Sweden (Gothenburg and Stockholm) and in Norway (two near Oslo, and one near Lillehammer). In Oslo, Nio opened its first battery exchange station in Europe a year ago.

Further stations are planned in the Danish capital Copenhagen, while two more locations are planned in the Netherlands and three in Norway. Beyond these seven stations, no further locations have yet been confirmed.

By the end of 2023, Nio plans to have 120 such stations across Europe. In Germany, Nio wants to equip up to 20 EnBW fast-charging locations with its battery exchange stations. Initially, the two locations Herleshausen (Hesse) and Großburgwedel (Lower Saxony) are to be equipped with the so-called “Power Swap Stations” (PSS) – but both are not yet on the Nio map since the two companies have not yet decided which locations will follow.

The Chinese company already has local manufacturing organised to spread its stations across Europe. In September 2022, Nio has opened its production facility in Hungary. The plant has already produced Germany’s first Nio battery swapping station.

In China, Nio’s battery-swapping network is to grow by more than 400 new locations to over 1,700 in 2023. As of 30 December 2022, Nio had 1,294 battery exchange stations in operation in China. The company revealed its network plans for northern China in 2019. In August 2022, Nio began testing battery swapping stations that can feed power back into the grid.